Chef Davide De Nadai comes from Asolo, a tiny village in the north east of Italy between Venice and the Alps.

“Growing up in a family of real foodies and pasionate cooks, my grandmother and parents were my first teachers.

I still remember the first time at the age of 5 helping my mother to roll out potato dough to make gnocchi, and the time at the age of 8 helping my father collecting and cooking porcini mushrooms for a risotto.

The area of Italy where I come from is full of culinary traditions and dedicated food festivals and for us food is an important part of our lifestyle.

After a first career in sales, I decided that moving to London in 2002 was the perfect time to express my passion for cooking and to become a professional chef.

A new start

Moving to Brighton in 2007 with my young family, the time was right for starting my own culinary enterprise Radikio, as personal chef, free from the limitations and compromises of running a busy commercial kitchen.

This means creating a more intimate style of cooking where I can tailor the menu to the tastes and needs of my clients in order to create the perfect dining experience”

“...I gained a revewed interest in creating a range of meals with seasonal ingredients for the whole family”
by  cookery lesson student