Caramelised ideas

November 5, 2010

When I think about the food that my mum or my grandpa were used to prepare to me when I was a kid caramelized fruit like grapes and whole nuts on a wooden stick comes straight to my mind.I believe it is almost an ancestral idea that as a memory flows trough my tongue and gives me a kind of craving.This is what I would call a caramelised idea in your mind.

That is why today I have decided to give it a go to a recipe that I cooked just once in my life but that can satisfy in some way ┬ámy desire for caramelised fruit.So it is going to be tart tatin as I have got available some wonderful english Braeburn apples.If it comes out as it is supposed to be with its wonderful thick layer of caramelised apples on a rich and crunchy puff pastry it will be a appreciated treat not just for me but for the whole family. Maybe served with a big dollop of vanilla flavored whipped cream….

Well… rainy friday afternoon just before bonfire night, my wife and I are smiling while enjoying a generous slice of this tarte tatin with whipped cream…so so comforting.


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“...apart from the fantastic food, it was good to know that both my wife and I could enjoy a great night with friends without worrying about babysitters or taxis.”
by  Jonathan Markwell